• Canoeing at the Lodge
  • Yellow Dog Lodge, Yellow Dog, Yellowdog
  • Yellow Dog Lodge, Yellow Dog, Yellowdog


Canoeing and Kayaking

Yellow Dog Lodge is nicely situated between two fresh water lakes. Check out a canoe or kayak and start your journey from the lodge into the Northern Frontier. Flat water canoeing will quietly allow you to experience the solitude of the north. See the wildlife and waterfowl as you paddle through their wilderness.  The Northwest Territories are spectacular; and to view the land and water from a canoe or kayak is truly amazing.  There is something unique about our rivers. We have portages and rivers that can take you to places where no one else has ever been.  The real beauty of the wilderness is best experienced with a buddy in an open Canadian canoe. Canoeing and pioneering are what built this county. Explore the waters and view  the flora and fauna. Beaver, otters and  muskrats all make their homes along the banks of our rivers.  Take a rod and reel and fish for grayling near the water falls and rapids.

  • Open Canadian tandem canoes
  • Single and tandem kayaks with spray skirts
  • Paddle (Pelican) boating
  • Safety equipment, throw bags, pumps, ropes, whistles, PFDs
  • Waterproof barrels
  • Wildlife photography: wolf, moose, bear, eagles, loons, otters and others
  • Fly Fishing