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Head out for the day on a wonder hiking excursion starting right from the main lodge. Yellow Dog Lodge has many marked hiking trails that will take you through the forest and up some of out large rock hills to where the view really is breath taking. The trails near the lodge are well marked, but some of the other outlying trails are not.  A guide is recommended as a guide knows the trails and can explain a few "hidden" trails and locations. Most trails are easy to moderate, but each trail has it's own degree of difficultly. Know your physical limits.  Below are some simple tips for you.

  • Remember to bring your camera!
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return.
  • Bring a good pair of hiking boots or ankle support shoes.
  • Hike during daylight hours & stay on the trail.
  • Hike in a group, and keep children close at hand.
  • Make your presence known (call out) or sing.
  • Do not leave food or garbage out in the open.
  • Watch for bear signs: scat, claw marks, diggings, logs or stumps torn apart, etc.
  • Pack out all garbage or discarded materials.

Predators such as black bears, wolves and wolverines should always be considered unpredictable and potentially dangerous. A black bear will usually detect your presence and flee the area before you notice unless the bear has been conditioned to people and their foods.